Little Things

It's the little things that count...

Everyone knows that its the little things that make a big difference. We have an array of little things to hire to perfectly dress your theme, whether its vintage, rustic, bohemian or glamour. View our stunning range of simple little things that will add to your day.
  • Small silver lantern

    Small Silver Lantern

  • These small silver lanterns can be used along side our other lanterns to dress your aisle.  Used as low level center pieces, ideal for trestle tables.

    Size - (h) 26cm including handle, (w) 10cm

    Quantity: 12
    £ 5.00
  • Large Silver Lantern

    Large Silver Lantern

  • These large silver lanterns are a stylish way to dress the entrance, or either side of your registrars table.  Why not pair them with our small silver lanterns. (Candle not included) Size - (h) 53cm

    Quantity: 2
    £ 8.00 each
  • Grey Storm Lantern

    Grey Storm Lantern

  • These grey storm lanterns are a stylish way to light up any outside area. They can also be used to create a centrepiece. Pillar candle not included. Size - (h) 43cm, excluding handle (w) 13cm

    Quantity: 18
    £ 6.00
  • Grey Storm Lantern with Fairy Lights

    Grey Storm Lantern with Fairy Lights

  • Adding white led lights to our storm lanterns is an alternative to a candle, creating more light. There are 100 lights on a copper wire, batteries included. Size - (h) 43cm, excluding handle, (w) 13cm

    Quantity: 18
    £ 10.00
  • Copper lantern

    Copper Lantern

  • Copper Lanterns are ideal to place down the aisle or use as a centerpiece.  Pillar candle not inlcuded. 

    Size - (h) 34cm, including handle (w) 14cm

    Quantity: 12
    £ 6.00
  • Brass Geometric Lantern

    Brass Geometric Lantern

  • These brass geometric lanterns can either be freestanding or hung from our shepherd's hooks. Each lantern comes with an 8-hour tea light. Alternatively, you can fill them with flowers, which creates a beautiful centrepiece with a scattering of gold tea lights. Size - (h) 33cm - excluding hook (w) 19cm at widest point

    Quantity: 6
    £ 4.00
  • Hurricane Tea Light Lantern

    Hurricane Tea Light Lantern

  • These lanterns are a perfect way to dress your ceremony isle, placing them along side the isle seats, you could tie a floral display or ribbon to each one to match your colour scheme. Each lantern comes complete with a tea light. Size - (h) 26cm

    Quantity: 12
    £ 4.50 each
  • Rope Glass Lantern

    Rope Glass Lantern

  • These glass rope lanterns can either be freestanding or hung from our shepherds hooks. Each lantern comes complete with a 6cm wide 8 hour tea light. Alternatively you can fill them with flowers. Size - (h) 16cm

    Quantity: 12
    £ 4.00 each
  • Hanging Glass Jar

    Hanging Glass Jar

  • This little hanging jam jar with a heart is so versatile. Fill them with flowers and hang them off of ceremony isle chairs or from shepherds crooks. Use them as a lantern and place a tea light inside and hang from branches. Size - (h) 11.5cm x (d) 6.5cm

    Quantity: 16
    £ 1.50 each
  • Globe Tea Light

  • These gorgeous globe tea light holders are suspended on wire giving an illusion of floating candle light. Hang in trees and from beams, or hang them inside vintage crates. Each globe comes with a 4 hour tea light.

    Quantity: 12
    £ 1.50
  • Vintage Clay Pots

    Vintage Clay Pots

  • Clay pots look great as a small collection for a vintage theme, or use them for flower stems.

    Quantity: 30 (10 sets) - Price for 3
    £ 2.00
  • Small Chalk Board

  • A great way to display your wedding menu and table numbers. Or these can be used as signs such as “Pimms”, “Beer”, “Bubbles”. Size - (h) 23cm

    Quantity: 10
    £ 2.50 each
  • Photo Frames

  • These white and silver vintage style photo frames are a perfect way to display table plans, table numbers, menus or even photos of loved ones. Size - 5"x7" internal display

    Quantity: 20
    £ 2.50 each
  • 8lt Glass Drinks Dispenser

    8lt Glass Drinks Dispenser

  • Create your own bar or use it to offer arrival drinks. Team it with our 12lt drinks dispenser to offer a variety of drinks. Size - (h) 36.5cm

    Quantity: 2
    £ 10.00 each
  • 12lt Glass Drinks Dispenser

    12lt Glass Drinks Dispenser

  • Our largest drinks dispenser would provide a great cocktail hour at any party. Hire all four of our drinks dispensers to create your own bar. Size - (h) 45cm

    Quantity: 2
    £ 15.00 each
  • Cake Stand Log Slice

    Cake Stand Log Slice

  • A cake stand log slice is a perfect way to display your cake for a rustic or naturally themed wedding. Size - (w) 47cm at widest point, 36cm at smallest point

    Quantity: 1
    £ 12.00
  • Tall Sweetie Jar

    Tall Sweetie Jar

  • A Tall Sweetie jar is a perfect addition to your sweet table filled with lolly pops or sugar laces.

    Quantity: 2
    £ 4.00 each
  • Large Sweetie Jar

  • A Large Sweetie jar filled with your childhood favourites to treat your guests.

    Quantity: 2
    £ 4.00 each
  • Medium Sweetie Jar

    Medium Sweetie Jar

  • Sweetie jars are an easy and stylish way to display sweets and treats for your guests. Team the medium jar with our other sweetie jars and bowls. Size - (h) 18cm

    Quantity: 2
    £ 3.00 each
  • Sweetie jar

    Sweetie Bowl

  • A bowl full of sweets will delight both children and grown up guests.

    Quantity: 2
    £ 3.00 each
  • Small Basket

    Small Basket

  • This small basket is the perfect size to fill with sweetie bags, a must for any sweets table. Size - (w) 25cm, (h) 10cm, (d) 19cm

    Quantity: 1
    £ 2.00
  • Small Cream Enamel Jug

    Small Cream Enamel Jug

  • Fill these lovely enamel jugs with fresh meadow flowers or wild grasses for a rustic look. Size - (h) 19cm

    Quantity: 4
    £ 2.50 each
  • French Vintage Bottle

    French Vintage Bottle

  • This vintage French bottle is a fun way for guests to leave you their best wishes. Team it with our “message in a bottle” sign. Size - (h) 33cm

    Quantity: 1
    £ 8.00
  • Floral Enamel Jug

    Floral Enamel Jug

  • This pretty enamel jug looks gorgeous on a mantel piece of fill an empty corner by placing it on a vintage stool. Size - (h) 30cm

    Quantity: 1
    £ 4.00
  • Large Grey Jug

    Large Grey Jug

  • This romantic grey washed jug is a lovely display for a relaxed country wedding. Size - (h) 34cm

    Quantity: 1
    £ 4.00
  • Paper Lanterns

    Paper Lanterns

  • Paper lanterns are a simple effective way to add colour and decorate your venue, hang them from beams, marquee tops or branches. These lanterns come in ivory, blue, green and purple. Size - 30cm diameter

    Quantity: 30 of each colour, price for 10
    £ 5.00
  • Table top easel

    Metal Table Easel

  • This vintage style table easel if a perfect way to display a small sign on your table top, for a message to your guests to sign your guest book, or take a favour etc

    Size - 51cm (h), 27cm (w), 22cm (d)

    Quantity: 1
    £ 5.00
  • White LED Battery Fairy Lights

    White LED Battery Fairy Lights

  • A string of 100 led white lights on a copper wire are a great way to add romantic soft light where there is no mains power. Trail them entwined with foliage on a mantle piece or use them within your centrepiece. Batteries included. Hire is for LED lights only no other decor is included in this price. Size - 10 meter length

    Quantity: 18
    £ 4.00
  • Starfish


  • Starfish is a perfect way to subtlety add a nautical element to your day, why not scatter them on your tables. Each set includes one large, two medium and one small starfish. Size - approx: large 15cm diameter, medium 9cm diameter, small 6cm diameter

    Quantity: 20 sets
    £ £3.00 (set of 4)
  • Long Twig Heart

    Long Twig Heart

  • A gorgeous rustic long twig heart which can be hung from a beam or on the wall. Size - 65cm long

    Quantity: 1
    £ 7.50
  • Blackboard Bucket

    Blackboard Bucket

  • This versatile little silver bucket has so many uses. Write your table number on it and fill with flowers for a centrepiece, fill with confetti, use at a DIY bar for bottle tops, or fill it with sparklers, the list goes on.…… Size - (h) 15cm (w) top 17.5cm (w) bottom 13cm

    Quantity: 6
    £ 3.00
  • Small Starfish Heart

    Small Starfish Heart

  • A gorgeous heart which is the perfect decor for a Cornish Coastal wedding. Size - 16cm diameter

    Quantity: 1
    £ 2.00
  • Large White Twig Heart

    Large White Twig Heart

  • Simple and effective, twig hearts are perfect for a rustic or garden wedding. Size - 40cm diameter

    Quantity: 1
    £ 5.00
  • Medium Blue Twig Heart

    Medium Blue Twig Heart

  • Use this pale blue heart as part of the decor to dress a vintage ladder or crate. Size - 30cm diameter

    Quantity: 1
    £ 4.00
  • Medium Heart with Lights

    Medium Heart with Lights

  • In the evening this heart with battery powered lights adds a romantic twinkle, hung on the wall or used as decoration in a vintage crate. Batteries included. Size - 26cm diameter

    Quantity: 2
    £ 4.00 each