Games & Outdoor Entertaining

Country Fields and Sandy Beaches

Looking for entertainment for your guests, why not hire a selection of games and let the fun begin.  We can also help to dress your outdoor space, deckchairs or blankets thrown on hay bales offers colourful seating, and upturned pallets or crates are ideal tables.

  • Hook a duck

    Hook A Duck

  • Not just for the children, everyone will want to play. The rods for adults have rope attached so makes it more of a challenge. But who will hook the ‘star’ duck?

    Quantity: 1
    £ 25.00
  • Coconut Shy

    Coconut Shy

  • Our coconut shy comes with a sturdy wooden frame and colourful stripy tent, five pins and coconuts along with wooden balls and all the tent pegs and guy ropes required. Frame size when set up - height 180cm, width 175cm, depth 110cm. When the frame is folded - height 180cm, width 175cm, depth 18cm. 

    Quantity: 1
    £ 75.00
  • Giant Jenga

    Giant Jenga

  • Stack our 60 block giant Jenga onto the upturned crate and you’re all set to play. Starting game height (including crate) is 107cm.

    Quantity: 2
    £ 20.00
  • Giant Connect 4

    Giant Connect 4

  • Quality wooden connect four is a firm favourite at weddings and events.

    Measures 120cm x 120cm

    Quantity: 2
    £ 35.00
  • Giant wooden noughts and crosses

    Wooden Noughts & Crosses

  • A super quick game for two can be played inside and outside. Let the competition commence!

    Rope game board is 120cm x 120cm

    Quantity: 2
    £ 15.00
  • Croquet


  • Traditional croquet set comes in a wooden box with everything you need and instructions on how to play.

    Quantity: 1
    £ 30
  • Skittles


  • The traditional game of skittles with 9 large wooden skittles and 3 wooden balls.

    Quantity: 1
    £ 15
  • Boules

  • Heavy set of boules which can be played with two teams of 1, 2 or 3 players. Can be played on the lawn or on the beach.

    £ 15.00
  • Wang A Welly

    Wang A Welly

  • How far can you wang the welly?  Comes with a scoring board and tape measure so be ready for the competition!

    Quantity: 1
    £ 35
  • Tin Can Ally

    Tin Can Alley

  • Fun game for all ages, see how many cans you can knock off with the three beanbags.

    Measurements - height 163cm, width 80cm, depth 56cm

    Quantity: 1
    £ 30.00
  • Ball in a bucket

    Ball In A Bucket

  • Test your skill to get the balls in the bucket, the more tricky the shot the higher the points you get.

    Measurements - 120cm x 120cm.

    Quantity: 1
    £ 35.00
  • Hoopla

  • Test your skill, can you get the hoops over the targets?

    Quantity: 1
    £ 35.00
  • Sack Race

    Sack Race

  • Sack Race Let the competition begin, climb in the sack and jump to the finish line. 10 sacks are provided. 

    Quantity: 1
    £ 10.00
  • Fancy dress case

    Fancy Dress Case And Frame

  • Our suitcase is filled with accessories to create fun looks, hold up the vintage frame with a group of you to create a great photo.

    Quantity: 1
    £ 25
  • Pallet Table

    Pallet Table

  • Our pallet tables are perfect for outdoor entertaining, the top pallet has been infilled with extra slates to make the ideal tabletop for your drinks.  Surround with hay bales or deckchairs for seating.

    48 cm high, top 110cm x 95cm


    Quantity: 4
    £ 25.00
  • Lawn Games Sign

    Lawn Games Sign

  • Add the finishing touch to your games set up with a blackboard Lawn Games Sign.

    48cm wide x 59cm high

    Quantity: 1
    £ 8
  • Blackboard arrow

    Blackboard Arrow

  • A blank blackboard arrow is the perfect way to point your guests in the direction to your wedding, and other helpful places like to loos!

    Size - 62cm (w), 18cm (h)

    Quantity: 5
    £ 5.00
  • Deckchairs


  • Adult sized vintage deckchairs are a wonderful addition for outside seating. Why not scatter a few of our picnic rugs for the kids to sit on.

    Quantity: 20
    £ 9.00 each
  • Picnic Rug

    Picnic Rug

  • Pure wool picnic rug with a waterproof underside in a traditional checked pattern with a fringe in both pink and blue. These rugs are perfect for additional outside seating or to create a play area for small children. Size - 145cm x 183cm (inc. fringe)

    Quantity: 6
    £ 7
  • Blanket

    Blanket, large

  • Pure wool blankets are the perfect way to keep your guests warm of an evening or use them over hay bales for outside seating. We have a variety of colours. Size - 150cm x 183cm (inc. fringe)

    Quantity: 20
    £ 6 each
  • Large Picnic Basket

    Large Picnic Basket

  • This large wicker picnic basket can be used to store presents or fill it with blankets for guests to wrap up in during the evening. Size - (w) 53cm, (d) 37cm, (h) 26cm

    Quantity: 3
    £ 8.00 each
  • Medium Picnic Basket

    Medium Picnic Basket

  • Perfect decor for an outside event. Why not put picnic rugs inside for guests to use if they need extra outside seating. Size - (w) 43cm, (d) 30cm, (h) 20cm

    Quantity: 2
    £ 6 each
  • Small Picnic Basket

    Small Picnic Basket

  • Small wicker picnic basket is the perfect size for guests to leave their cards. Or stack with our medium and large basket to create a decorative display. Size - (w) 36cm, (d) 25cm, (h) 14cm

    Quantity: 18
    £ 4 each
  • Shepherds Crook

    Shepherds Crook

  • Wrought iron shepherds hooks are very steady and can hold our glass role lanterns, with either a tea light or flowers. You can also use them to hang bunting. Approximately 28cm of its length needs to go into the ground. Size - (h) 205

    Quantity: 12
    £ 3.00 each
  • Complimentary umbrellas for the bride and groom, with love from Satrgazey

    Complementary Umbrellas

  • With any hire from Stargazey you can request to use our complimentary umbrellas for the bride and groom. We have two ivory, one navy and one grey. If you think there is the risk of a shower just let us know the day before we are due to deliver, and we will be happy to bring them along in your chosen colours.

    £ Complimentary