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Wedding Reception Games Your Guests Will Never Forget

If you want to add a little more fun to the big day, wedding reception games could be the perfect answer. They work as fantastic icebreakers, bringing together friends and family from both the bride and grooms side, especially if the games require teams to play! They also provide beautiful photo opportunities, especially if the bride and groom have a go. There are a huge variety of games to choose from on your big day, from those requiring equipment to some you can whip up yourself. Our advice is to get creative, set up a specific games area at the reception and encourage guests to get stuck in. 

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

These team player games are a fun way to encourage guests to mingle and get to know each other, especially while waiting for the happy couple to arrive at the reception. 

Giant Jenga

A classic, loved by everyone. This wedding reception game is quick to set up and provides hours of entertainment. Everyone knows how to play jenga, and the adorable giant blocks are easy to use and quick to reset when the tower falls! To make it a little more interesting, you could create forfeit cards for the poor soul who knocks the tower down. 

Hire Giant Jenga


If you have space at your reception, croquet is a classic English garden game which looks beautiful when it’s set up and is very easy and fun to play. Another lawn game that’s quick and easy to set up while entertaining guests all day. You can easily incorporate your theme into the croquet naming each ring or even marking them with pictures of the happy couple.

Sack Races

Who didn’t love a sack race at school? Your guests will love getting involved, and it’s yet another fantastic opportunity for fun photographs, especially if the entire wedding party has a go (think maids vs ushers). You just need some space for a ‘race track’ and sacks for the race, it’s very quick and easy to set up and can provide hours of entertainment. Wedding Sack Race

Coconut Shy

Who doesn’t love a coconut shy? This one may get a little competitive! If you’re a super creative bride/groom you may want to create some medals or trophies to hand to the coconut shy winners of the day or provide a chalkboard for people to record their high scores. 

Things To Do At The Table 

I spy

This is such a lovely wedding reception game especially now most of your guests will have a camera on their mobile phone. You could also provide digital/disposable cameras to collect at the end of the wedding lunch to ensure you get all of the photos. The idea of the game is to provide each table with a list of photographs to take of the couple or the other guests. You can download a list online, or you can create one yourself with tasks like ‘the couple kissing’, ‘two guests laughing’, ‘the best cry face’ ‘table selfie’ etc. It encourages people to take plenty of pictures and add an extra something to your big day. 

Wedding Bingo 

Wedding bingo is hilarious. Get your guests giggling during lunch with a game of wedding bingo. All you need are bingo cards and a pen for each guest, which again you can download on the internet or create yourself (top tip - you can also use bingo cards as name places). As the speeches and lunch commence, guests mark off each of the tasks on the card and just like bingo, the first person to fill their calls bingo and can win whatever you choose as a prize. 

For The Party People!

Flip Cup

Flip cup is a super fun team drinking game that will not feel out of place on your wedding day if your guests love a drink or two. You will need a table, plastic/paper cups and enough of your chosen tipple to top them up after each round. The idea is to split guests into two teams, lay out a cup on the table for each team member and then the boozy relay race begins! The first team member drinks from their cup places it back on the table upside down and flips it back to its usual cup position. When the cup is back upright again, the next member of the team can go. This game provides another amazing photo opportunity to get some really different shots of the couple and your guests enjoying themselves. 

If you would like to hire or discuss any wedding reception or event games please get in touch with us today! 

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