Wedding Decor - Hire, Buy or DIY?


Wedding Decor - Hire, Buy or DIY?

So you’ve pinning your way through Pinterest, scrolled through Facebook and searched # on Instagram.  Or maybe your a traditional girl and flicked through magazines, made a scrap book and created a mood board.  Either way hopefully you’ve finally decided on the style for your Wedding Day.

It’s now time to get those creative juices flowing and pull together all of your ideas and inspiration to style the day.  Lots to think about and plan, a venue with the right setting, a dress that makes you look a million dollars, and flowers that bring together your style and colours.  The right wedding decor is also key to setting the scene; have you booked a hotel but still need to dress the tables, hired a marque and have a blank canvas to fill or set your heart on a beach ceremony but need to source the perfect chairs.

To help you make the right decision on how to plan your wedding decor we’ve taken a quick look at the different options, do you hire, buy or DIY?

DIY - time to get creative

If you have a talent and the time making your own wedding decor can be very rewarding and help to keep the budget down.  It can also be a way for friends and family to get involved, particularly if your mum is a whizz with the sewing machine to make bunting or you have a friend with the most perfect handwriting to create the place settings or personalised chalk boards. 

Make a list of the skills people have and then it will be easier to consider what can be made.  Think about the materials that you will need to make the items and how much these will cost or where they can be sourced from as well as an idea of how long each project will take.  All of these points will help you to be realistic about what is achievable.  Oh of course don’t forget to ask your talented friends very nicely if they don’t mind lending a helping hand.

Remember to consider when you will be setting up your DIY decor, if you can’t get access to your venue until the morning of the wedding who will take the decor there and will the venue be happy to set it up for you.  If not you will need to arrange for some friends to do it, as this is the time you will of course be busy looking beautiful and sipping champagne.

decorated glass jar    DIY ribbon and thread

Buy - shop till you drop

Buying your decor is of course the most expensive option, but it does mean you can have the exact candelabra you’ve had your eye on or a vase in the most perfect shade of blue to match the bridesmaids dresses.  And of course, it goes without saying every girl loves an excuse to shop.

You should consider how many of each item you will need to buy, centre pieces you may only need ten, but if you are wanting vintage bottles for a single flower stem you will need a lot more.  If there is an item you need a large number of make sure you check with the supplier that they will be able to sell you enough, if it is coming to the end of a season they may not be getting any more stock and you don’t want to end up short.

After the wedding you can of course sell any wedding decor items to other brides, either through eBay or wedding networking sites within Facebook.  If you have brought smaller items, such as tea lights, these could double up as favours for your guests to take home as a memory of your wedding day.

Oxford Street London shopping    old fashioned shopping    buy the handbag

Hire - your something borrowed

Hiring wedding decor saves you time and is a fraction of the purchase price.  You should definitely consider hiring decor that you’ll never need again, such as a vintage ladder, or those one off items, like your initials in lights.

At Stargazey Wedding Decor Hire we have an abundance of wedding decor available to hire, from hand painted vintage chairs, to all the items you need to dress your wedding tables.  If you are planning to dress an outside area for your guests to relax you can also hire deckchairs and picnic blankets as well all the props you need to set up a bar or sweetie table.

If hiring your wedding decor from Stargazey Wedding Decor Hire we can set up the items for you, liaise with the florist if you are hiring bottles, jars or jugs and even source the candles in your specific colour which will sit beautifully in our candelabras, cancel sticks or tea light holders.

A large number of brides who marry in Cornwall are from out of county, so hiring is also more practical than transporting all of your decor down to Cornwall and then back home again.  Lets face it, the only thing on your mind after your Wedding Day is to relax on your honeymoon with your gorgeous new husband, not gathering up decor to take home!

Hire gorgeous accessories for your wedding - sweetie jars    deckchairs for hire

So, Hire, Buy or DIY?

Whichever option you consider for your wedding decor, the two most important aspects to be realistic about is how much time you have and how much your budget is.

If you are going to go the DIY route you must be comfortable to know that you have all the time you need, because if you start to run out of time you are more likely to make mistakes and have to redo some items, which is a stress you can do without on the lead up to your wedding day.   

As an alternative to DIY you could ask Stargazey Wedding Decor Hire to help as we can personalise a number of our hire items to suit your wedding style, including decorating jam jars for flowers and tea lights and painting freestanding letters in your chosen colours.

However, if you are lucky enough to have the option to shop till you drop, remember even shopping can be tiring so give yourself plenty of time and coffee breaks.  After your Wedding Day please do get in touch with us if you are looking to sell the items as we could be interested.

I hope that i have given you some things to think about, I’ve tried to be practical and not too bias to hiring wedding decor!! I think there is certainly a place for all three approaches to dressing your Wedding Day, or even a combination of all three.  Happy planning :)

wedding table - purple theme    Decorated table for wedding event



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