Nancarrow Summer Wedding, Cornwall


Megan and Brendan's Summer Wedding at Nancarrow Farm, Cornwall

Meg first contacted me a year before her wedding and had a clear idea of how she and Bren wanted to style the ceremony at Nancarrow Farm in the Rusty Barn.  Their vision was a candlelit aisle with hanging lanterns and a feature to draw your eye to the end of the aisle.

Meg is very creative and was keen to make a lot of her decor but also wanted some assistance with ideas and setting up. Although Meg has family in Cornwall she and Bren live in Daubi, so they didn’t want to spend all their time the day before their wedding setting up - they had plans to spend the afternoon and evening before their wedding having a great time catching up with all their family and friends on Perranporth Beach - good plan.


The Rusty Barn at Nancarrow is just that, a beautiful rustic barn with large door openings and a very high ceiling.  So we were going to need enough lanterns to fill the space as well as a very tall ladder!!


After catching up on the phone we decided to use vintage crates at the end of the aisle. To get to the final design of the crates I played around with various styles sending over photo’s to get Meg’s feedback before coming up with the final creation.  In keeping with Meg’s love of candles, these were a must, she was keen on flowers being simple with foliage and a hint of lavender.  She had also seen a previous wedding we had been involved in and liked the idea of using their initials M & B.


The day before the wedding I set about dressing with barn with hanging paper lanterns.  The lower ceiling areas were not a problem at all, I happily went along evenly spacing them out, but then came the ceiling eves …… I have to admit that my legs turned to jelly …. a few deep breaths ….. but still my hands stayed gripped to the top of the ladder!!!!  I had no choice but to phone my hubby, who is always amazing and happy to help, and luckily he doesn’t have a fear of heights!


Meg and Bren also asked us to deal with hanging the bunting they hired in the courtyard, which set off the space between the house and barn.  Along with our ‘Just Married’ bunting that was perfectly placed in the entrance to the courtyard.



Congratulations Meg and Bren, thank you for allowing us to be part of your day and allowing us to share your amazing images taken by Stewart Girvan Photography

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