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Hi I am Samantha and welcome to my first ever Blog!! Writing a blog has been something I’ve been meaning to do for sometime, but if I’m honest I was a little nervous as there are so many fantastic blogs out there, how can I compete!!

Having just launched the Stargazey website I thought for my first blog it would be nice to give you a short story of how Stargazey Wedding Decor Hire has bounced onto the wedding scene in beautiful Cornwall.

After working in London for 15 years it would be fair to say that a move to Cornwall was quite a change, and just like in the novels, I’m happy to say the reason for this life change was LOVE. I now found myself in a truly beautiful part of the country from the calm sandy beaches on the south coast to the amazing waves and somewhat dramatic north coast, but turn another corner and you’re surrounded by beautiful rolling countryside. A very special place, a place like no other in England, and what a magical place for a wedding.

After taking in my new surroundings, and organizing a wedding of my own, I started to look at what I could bring to Cornwall. With a blank canvas I really could think about the things that I am good at and most importantly what I enjoy. I’m creative with a good eye for detail, I have a passion for putting the love back into beautiful old furniture, and I just love the achievement of seeing the perfect end result. Oh yes and I also had think about what to do with 80 refurbished vintage chairs and decor stored in the barn from my wedding.

It was a friend who suggested that I hire out the furniture for weddings and events, so after some thought, a lot of research and enrolling on a Business Enterprise course, Stargazey Wedding Decor Hire was created.

There was still a lot of work to do, although if I’m honest there has been a lot more work involved in setting up a business than I thought. I won’t go into the details now as if you are reading this I have now got through it and made it to “launch off”.

I was lucky enough to be involved in some beautiful weddings and great events in Cornwall over this summer, which was amazing as I only started a Facebook page a few months back. I can’t wait to be involved in the weddings in 2016 and discover the stunning places there are in Cornwall to get married. I’ll be sure to share with you any of those quirky off the beaten track venue’s.

What’s next ……… my husband is in the final stages of building a fantastic loft room, which will be divided into storage space, a workshop and an area to chat and work with Brides and Grooms and Wedding Planners. I hope to be settled in by the end of the year so let me know if you’re in the area and I’ll put the kettle on.

Of course there are all those vintage chairs and treasures waiting to be brought back to life, something to keep me busy over the winter months.Now the first blog is out there, I can’t wait to share more with you. I’ll be bringing you tips and advice about getting married in Cornwall and I’m sure a few funny stories along the way.

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