Table Plans


Table Plans

Most of your guests will be easy to seat if you are going with the traditional plan of a top table and then seating friends, colleagues and family members together.  The traditional top table is:

Chief Bridesmaid – Groom’s Father – Bride’s Mother – Groom – Bride – Bride’s Father – Groom’s Mother – Best Man

table toptable chairsHowever most likely there will be a few guests that are not so easy to seat, so here are a few things to consider:

Divorced parents - if your parents are divorced the traditional top table plan could be more difficult, however if both parents get along then you can still with the traditional top table.  If not, you could consider each parent hosting a family table but still close to the top table.  The top table could then include other bridesmaids, best men and ushers.

The guest your parents wanted you to invite - the one you use to call ‘auntie’ when she actually wasn’t and you’ve not seen her since you were nine.  Consider sitting them with family members as its likely that they would have know them if they were close to your parents at some point in time.

The children - you have two options here, and it is really dependant on the children’s age.  If they are small you will need to seat them with one of their parents, however if they are old enough and you have a few children attending why not have a children's table.  You can dress the table slight differently to include some activities - maybe limit the candles too. 

Single friends - You may be tempted to do a bit of match-making, but this could go horribly wrong so I would suggest you leave cupid to play its part during the evening reception.  If possible keep single friends on tables with friends they know, and remember that tables don’t have to be equal numbers.

Elderly guests - noise can often be an issue for an elderly guest so make sure that are not sat under a speaker as they will find it difficult to hear.  If possible seat them in a position which will allow them to easily leave the table for any rest breaks, and a seat cushion would be more comfortable for them.

Great job, you now know where everyone will sit, so the fun and creativity can begin with how you are going to show your guests to their seats. The one thing you can guarantee at a wedding is that every guest will look at is your table plan, so make sure it forms part of your wedding decor and fit with your wedding style and venue.  

table gintable mapMaybe you want your wedding day to tell a story, so think about naming the tables rather than giving them numbers.  You could use the place names or countries you have visited together,  if your wedding is in Cornwall you could use the names of your favourite beaches, or maybe the places you will be visiting on your honeymoon.  If you both love films name your tables after the ones you have seen together. Or maybe you are connoisseurs of gin so name your tables after you favourite tipple and then display bottles of gin on a ladder for the table plan.

If you’d rather have a table number you don’t have to stick to the traditional 1-10 order.  Why not give it a personal touch and choose numbers that means something to the two of you, such as, the number of years you’ve been together, and the number of dresses you tried before finding ‘the one’.  

table laddertable ladder

table easelThere are so many options with wedding decor to display your table plan, using an easel with a tradition frame, or maybe a handwritten chalk board or mirror.  Individual frames for each table placed on a dresser creates a stylish focal point. For an informal style, use vintage ladders, suitcases and crates, using string and pegs. 

Looking for something a bit different, why not use photo’s of your guests in fancy dress rather than names, you could then then use the photos for their place names too, it will certainly be a conversation starter. See image in the banner at the top of this page. Carry on this fun theme through to the evening with a photo booth for your guests.

Stargazey Wedding Decor can help you to style your table plan as part of your wedding decor. So whether you are looking to hire our standard decor or want us to create you something bespoke please get in touch.  

Take a look at our pinterest board for more ideas.

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