Alcohol Wedding Favours


Alcohol Wedding Favours

Making your own wedding favours is a lovely personal touch and something your guests will remember.  You probably don’t want to be doing this in the few weeks leading up to your wedding, so the idea of making your own ‘little tipple’ months in advance could be perfect.

Now is the time for some autumn foraging, so get picking blackberries for Blackberry Brandy, Vodka or Gin or sloes for Sole Gin.  The Blackberries take around three months to infuse the alcohol, but the Sole Gin ideally takes twelve months, so this is for those who really are planning ahead!!

There are lots of recipes online, but basically all you need is the fruit, caster sugar and the alcohol of your choice, it can be a supermarket own brand.  

To make up the favours you’ll need mini glass bottles with lids, which can be sourced online, I got mine from ebay.  If you want to personailse them, why not order your own stamp from The English Stamp Company and stamp plain tags.

If you like the idea of alcohol wedding favours but don’t have the time, you can always buy mini prosecco, spirits or shots and add your own tag.

Happy foraging, and remember to make a few extras as you might be tempted to treat yourself for all your hard work!!




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